There's no point having a website without good SEO


As part of the build of the website I will be incorporating organic SEO on each page.

What is SEO?
SEO stands for Seach Engine Optimisation. A search engine could be Google, Yahoo etc.

Why do I need to think about SEO?
We want your potential customers to be able to find your new website with ease, so you get more customers and increase your profit margins. As part of the build I will be incorporating organic SEO. Organic SEO is not paid SEO (Google Ads etc.).

We will be looking at how your site will appear in the search engine results, for example ...

An image of how your search results look on Google with a link, heading and description.

Website Loading Speed
I will also be looking at the loading speed of your website, I will be compressing images and ensuring that the page loads quickly. Users and Google love this.

Content is King
You may have read that before but Google (other good Search Engines are available) love good, well written, informative content. I will place this content in the right position on the page so that Google knows which pieces are the most important. We will need enough content for Search Engines to pick up on but not so much that a user is put off reading it (there are ways of presenting this information so that it is clear for a user and not overwhelming but also have further information available should a user wish to read more).

You can either provide this yourself or you employ the services of a copywriter. I have some great copywriter contacts I can put you in contact with if you wish to go down this route.